For the artist, the teacher is nature and all of creation, the goal is an emotional exchange
swayed by image and the impression it brings.
~Margaret Takaki~
Figurative Sculptures ~ We meet exceptional people along our way – for me this artwork is their portrait. Around the world in scope, the artwork takes you on a journey through personalities, emotions and the ever present spirit of humanity at its best. Busts are supported on metal or wood bases. Inks are used on the ceramic busts to highlight subtle skin tones while some are covered with a metal coating with patinas or colored waxes applied. The large sculptures begin with a welded metal armature, covered with wire. Several layers of cement create the overall figure. Ceramic head, hands and feet complete the sculpture. Each sculpture is finished by incorporating dyes into final coatings or with a metal coating and patinas. Each sculpture is handcrafted, on at a time like all of humanity. sculpture5 sculpture6
sculpture2 sculpture8 sculpture7
Japanese Pottery ~ All wares are made by hand, many of the high fired stoneware pieces exhibit an iron oxide application and feldspar glazing technique associated with shino pieces. These creations exhibit pinholes and crackles – each piece is unpredictable. The tea bowls or “chawan,” vases, pitchers and tea pots are functional but just as well they are collected and displayed as art pieces. pottery1
pottery3 pottery6 pottery5